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I understand. But it's usual that a queue (in the super market, at the airport, a telephone help desk) is gradually shrinking instead of growing.

A Dutch famous comedian had a conference about a telephone helpdesk.
The public hears:
"There are 2 people waiting for you"
"There are 3 people waiting for you"
The audience is laughing about this joke. But here the joke turns out reality…. The queue has grown from 70 to 77 in one day. That's very strange and gives no confidence.
I hope the queue will be shrink instead of grow next days.


Harm Selling


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Verzonden: donderdag 24 oktober 2019 20:31
Onderwerp: Re: [beta] 2 questions about the Yahoo Group transfer


Selling Harm—Have to be patient. isn’t a big company with a huge team that can quickly process a large number of transfers whilst keeping the quality and experience good.  Groups had no more advance warning than any YG manager did and just hadn’t been preparing for it.  This is a great platform run by a fantastically competent, experienced and compassionate person (who also has a fab sense of humor).  It’ll all get done.  We all need to return the same level of compassion, as much empathy as can be summoned and patience.  Thanks for considering this! 🙏

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