moderated Re: Is there any way I can determine if the Yahoo invitation has been received

Judy F.

Thanks Mark, I guess I’m thinking the same thing.  I paid the fee because I have the receipt where it has been paid and then I clicked the Easy Yahoo Group Transfer and proceeded.  Here’s what I figured out. 

1) when asked for the group email address, I thought that meant mine instead of the actual sewwhatembroiderysoftware  yes, I know it said ‘group’, but my email is also my group email address. 


I have now fixed that and clicked the Update Transfer.  I see a note where the invite has been received and will accept it soon. 


Sorry to cause this problem, but I’m glad I contacted you since I would still be waiting.  I really appreciate you help on this.  Please let me know if there is still something that is causing a problem. 


Judy F.

Sew What Embroidery Software IO

SW Florida - USA


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