moderated Re: Blank names when users join or get imported translates into postings getting rejected from mail


After Duane's comment about "well configured email systems" I went back to the W3 spec, and checked to see if "." was an acceptable email alias.  The spec says that an Alias should have 2 or more characters, or the email system should display only the email address.  So, the "." is more than 2 characters, so it meets the spec.  I am sure that the board in 2001 never thought that someone would use " as a character.  Since email is dead as a standard, I am guessing that there will not be another revision to the standard in our lifetime.

what I did not realize is that Group.IO does display only the . when a message is in the group.  This is clearly a bug.  So what ever property is used to create the group posting (in this case the web interface) is the issue not the email.

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