moderated Re: Is there any way I can determine if the Yahoo invitation has been received


On Wed, Oct 23, 2019 at 8:30 PM J. Faulkner <jfaulkner44@...> wrote:
As a note, I sent a note to Shal's help group, but don't see it listed.  So here goes
I started the transfer process on October 21, paid my money and followed the steps.  I then did the invitation in my Yahoo Group using the .  Yesterday, I did another one just in case.  As of this date, I haven't received anything from Yahoo stating that you are a member so I can make you Moderator.  Is there any way to check to see if that invite was received?  I followed the instructions step by step.  Is there a backlog of accepting these invitations? 

You can look up your transfer request, and if we've received your invite, it should tell you so.

The name of my group is sewwhatembroiderysoftware and the name is the same for the Yahoo Group.  Please contact me if there is any other information you might need or give me instructions on how to check this.

I looked up your group and there is no transfer request associated with that group. Which explains why we haven't received an invite (I filter all incoming messages to and only allow in invites from groups we have transfer requests from).

The question is, why doesn't that group have a transfer request associated with it? Did you set one up and then something happened to it? Is there something I can make more clear about the process?

I think I'll add something to the sticky wiki about this.


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