moderated Re: 2 questions about the Yahoo Group transfer


Couldn't agree more about the responsiveness and just the values, compassion, competence and humor behind But, at the risk of making an obvious poi

1.  Yahoo! and its subsequent owners never saw YG as a line of business with much growth potential.  It was is also much larger now, at the point of its unsurprising demise. Combine those two things and easy to understand why it wasn't invested in, didn't work well and why the responsive was very poor to non-existent.


2. is a much smaller entity than YG.  That may (and hopefully will) change in the future but "responsive" is something that has to be invested in when a business or organization scales.  One person, however talented and fabulous, can't be doing much 1:1 response and problem resolution once there are thousands, tens of thousands or millions of groups and group owners.  At that scale, it requires real investment in things like customer service personnel, contact centers and high-quality customer experience software. is awesome.  Mark is fantastic. But you just can't operate the same way at scale as you must when you are large.  And, at either size, you can operate poorly (as YG has for years) or well. Whatever an org's size, it's all about the leadership, values and competence at managing growth, technically, organizationally, strategically and commercially.

For the past few years, and even now, things are wonderful here on  We should all hope that that can remain true with the inevitable growth that is happening, faster than expected now with YG's shutdown.  FWIW.

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