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It could also be just a bug report.

On Wed, Oct 23, 2019 at 8:14 AM D R Stinson <dano@...> wrote:
The way I see it I don't think so. It's a question of how is handling something as part of the coding. It's not asking how to do something, but a concern about how the system is handling data in a split. I'm not a moderator (I don't think there ARE moderators on beta), but it sounds reasonable to me to ask on beta.

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Is this not a topic for GMF?


Dave W asked:
For reasons of diverging topic, I split a thread but the photos in line were left out, at least their 'code' remains but no pic. IS this usual as I can't find any previous note about this.
Obviously not an ideal situation, which linits the usefulness of the split/ merge functionality,


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