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AG1P Ron

I appreciate the difficult situation Mark is in.  I know first-hand what it means when your usage exceeds contract bands of service.  I used to work for an outsourcer before burnout set in.

The rub comes when you have small groups of maybe a hundred or fewer people that are doing good things for humanity - like sharing info on rare childhood diseases or cancer types where the data will be lost if not moved. I am webmaster for a group that fortunately can afford the higher costs but it wasn’t that long ago we were struggling to survive. I know Mark is swamped but maybe come up with a set of qualifications for free or low cost services for those groups whose content would cause detriment to those who really don’t need any more chaos or unknowns in their life. Not many of us have a conscience permitting us to let a child die because they weren’t able to get shared experience data that might save their child’s life. Just charge extra to those who can afford to pay more and ask for donations to cover costs similar to what many local power companies do for emergency assistance.  We are on fixed income but  still donate a few bucks every month in hope that someone or some people keep their power going.




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don’t believe they are intending to shift the burden

But that's what they are doing.

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