locked Re: Notice of Pricing Change


On Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 09:49 PM, Janis wrote:
It is wonderful to have my groups free of ads now.
Isn't it?
You know what's also wonderful? To have:

- No farming of our data
- No submission of our data to ad tracking networks
- Barely any downtime in the past 3 years our group has been here
- Things actually work - unlike back when we too were on Y!groups
- frequent updates and improvements
- more features than Y!groups ever dreamed of

You have all heard the saying - if it's free, you are the product?
I think that's mostly true when it comes to other group platforms. They are either marketing your data or ad based.  That's their business model.
But not the one here.

And furthermore, even when it comes to that saying, Groups.io is an exception and reflects the integrity that drives it: they could exploit the groups that are hosted for free - but they don't.
Think about that.
Then think about how candid and straight forward it was to simply say that pricing for transfers needed to be adjusted to reflect a need to strengthen infrastructure and deal with this huge sudden influx.

So, seriously, for those with groups who are not helping them reach the financial goal to deal with the very reasonable transfer fee, please don't shift the burden of that problem on the service that is offering you a solution. It's not cool. I understand the frustration and I feel bad for all those who didn't read all the signs years ago that Y! was sunsetting it's service, but please figure it out, or ask for help on how to figure it out. It will be the best investment in your groups.

This platform is so worth it.


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