locked Re: Notice of Pricing Change


I think we all understand the havoc YG has caused by not announcing the website shut down months ago and giving groups more time to preserve archives, and find a new group home. I have even worried that your team would not be able to do all the requested transfers before Dec. 14. And we understand the extra cost incurred by your business sincd the YG announcement.by

The only issue is the short notice for the price change.  I actually thought one reason for the price change was to get everyone to hurry up and nmake a decision and get the transfer requests in ASAP so you have an idea how many you will have to deal with and can get all our YG stuff copied in time.
The short notice forced a decision for those of us waiting to upgrade. I found about the price change last night about 10 p m CDT and first thing this morning upgraded all 4 of my groups. 2 do not need transfers. The other two have transfer s started this morning. Glad I did it. We had a choice not to wait for the price change to take effect. I won't charge my members. It has always been my group and my sole decision to move here to save our message archives instead of abandoning the group.message

Thanks for your hard work and for keeping the site ad free! I just found out about this site a few days ago from a LifeHacker article on Apple. News. What a lucky find! 😄 I love Groups.io!


I like your cats too. You could probably have a place for all t he cat loving members to upload our cat photos!  Just for fun!

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