locked Re: Notice of Pricing Change


My two cents worth:

There are no ads showing in our groups and our personal pae on Groups.io  yahoo is not free. We pay for the service at Yahoo groups by having annoying ads in our medsage board and underneath the list of topics. Probably why they sre going away. I read that one of the reasons for YG shutting down the group online pages is that people are using thebemail and not visiting the group. So they are not seeing the ads. Advertisers do not like that!

It is wonderful to have my groups free of ads now.

And wonderful to be able to have a site that is transfering my members, files, photis, links and best of all message archives.

One of the groups I am a member of is going to Facebook. They cannot move the ir 16 years of messages, except by  saving a few in pdf files. And the group owner is spending everyday trying to move files.  They are also losing members eho dislike Facebook or who do not want to bother with it.

I am thrilled I found the Groups.io site. I only found out about it because one of my group members shsred an Apple News LifeHacker article with us. The writer recommended Groups.io as the best option for those of us abandoned by Yahoo Groups.  He listed a few other options including Facebook, but only recommended Groups.io. 


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