locked Re: Notice of Pricing Change


answer to @catlady

It is easy to be sarcastic when you are already on io groups and have transferred a long time ago.

please understand that I am talking on behalf of several groups who are in FRAnce, with members and moderators only understanding FRENCH, who have no idea, who do not know io groups, who have no money and need help with their handicaped adopted children !

Do you think it is easy for them to understand that keeping their group will cost 110 dollars, even more 220 dollars, and this overnight notice, and then change again?
They are pretty freaked out to say the least.

I have not been present here all the time, had no idea Yahoo would close since they seemed to be going on after all ...

Nobody is happy with yahoo policies, but then this week has been really crazy. We have been submitted to pressure and variable deadlines overnight (remember we live in a different time zone and it is now 2 am in my country where I do not sleep yet).

So can we have an additionnal deadline for price increase, as this is far too short notice for us and many grassroots groups, of which moderators do need first to get the information and process it with their members ?


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