locked Re: Notice of Pricing Change


Mark, THanks for changing the conditions again! 

Let us summarize the last days.

After the yahoo announcement I was trying to get my members to accept the transfer and figuring out how to collect the 110 dollars, under the first conditions.

then on the night of october 21st, we were told that it was either 110 dollars OVERNIGHT or else 220 dollars for the transfer and first year and then 220 dollars every additionnal year. Under these circumstances, I knew my groups would never follow and even more: that meant transfering with the knowledge of that transfer would NOT be sustainable and be able to survive after one year. So I declined.

Then on october 22nd, in the late evening, I find again another change: now groups would continue to be for free even if more than 500 members. So we were reverted to the first terms and conditions. Which I would have accepted, given that we need a little time to organize ourselves and we cannot do this overnight.

Many people on the YG have not yet even understood that the groups would close, that some of us are trying to migrate, that it will have a cost.
I cannot put down my credit card for paying the transfer of 2 groups without knowing my groups will reimburse me in some way. That needs a number of exchanges on our yahoo groups to organize !

So again: I think I can do the move at the 110 dollars cost. Not at the 220 dollars cost. And I need about 2 weeks to organize it, I cannot do this overnight.

Is there still a possibility or is it now closed?

Deborah from Paris, France.
Groups created on io october 21st.

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