locked Re: Notice of Pricing Change

Harm Selling <h.selling@...>

Hi Mark, Thank you for the reply.

My messages in this group were impulsive. So I removed them earlier this evening. I thought I signed up for your service for a one-time fee of 110 dollar, and no more, not now not in the future. But when I saw your notice I saw amounts of 220 dollar a year or a fee per group member.

The Yahoo group I'd like to transfer, has a member list of 1188 members. But that list is a result of almost 20 years (since the year 2000), without regular cleaning. I suppose only a small part of the members in the list is really active anymore.

The flow in the group is small, average 40-50 messages a month. In the past (the period 2003-2013) the flow was much larger, average 300-400 a month.

I'll wait for the Yahoo group transfer and after that I'll clean the members list, by checking the members, so I can remove the bouncing addresses and the members who don't reply. So I hope, to bring the members list into line with the real actual smaller size of the group.

Harm Selling

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