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That sounds like a good idea..


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On Tue, Oct 22, 2019, 4:30 PM Shal Farley <shals2nd@...> wrote:

... As part of that, it was a mistake to change the definition of a free group right now. I've rolled back that change; new free groups do not have limits on the number of subscribers and subgroups.

Please edit https://beta.groups.io/g/main/message/22528 to reflect that change - the pricing page links to it.

My intention with the pricing change is solely to set up the business for long term success and to help offset the very large increase in my costs over just this past week.

I should have said so yesterday, but if it is even close to economically feasible you should push the effective date of the pricing change out to at least Nov 1st. As it stands you've whacked a bunch of Y!Group owners while they're still reeling from Yahoo's announcement. The near-zero-notice price change has not only caused much anguish but also a backlash of ill-will towards Groups.io, besmirching its reputation as a solid home for Y!Group refugees. The price change is a problem for many, but for many others the lack of notice is an even bigger issue.


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