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Why don't you all read what the message Mark wote means.
You are all reading into it more then it says. If you have a free group it will remain free unless your membership exceeds 500 members and only then you might have to pay to host your group on the site. But he didn't say EVERYONE will have to Pay to use Groups IO.
If you paid $110 for the transfer - next year your use on groups IO could be free if you opt not to continue with paying for the service. Now groups that have over 500 members may have to pay. 
If you paid $110 for the transfer you will not be paying the higher fee that groups that just initiated the process will have to pay. It is because they are in crunch mode that the fee was made higher due to the amount of work Mark has to put in and probably due to hardware he needed to get to accommodate thousands of groups wanting to be be transferred. In no way is it equivalent to price gouging. Mark has incurred extra expenses to have all these groups come aboard at one time.   Mark has to spend a lot of extra time to beat the deadline of Yahoo deleting everything. He wants to get everything in before all is lost at Yahoo. His time is worth something.
You all are putting the cart before the horse and making this into something that it isn't.  

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Date: 10/22/2019 1:35:33 PM
Subject: Re: [beta] Notice of Pricing Change
I don't *think* it's price gouging.... it *is* price gouging. Jacking up the price of the fee based on a high influx of demand for profit.... just like the places in Florida that charge $5 for a bottle of water during/after a hurricane.

One day is a very crappy notice.....   Considering two days ago when I started my transfer process, it was $110. There should have been a warning on that page "Hey, prices are going up on xx date!"   Doing this on a one day notice just *screams* of gouging.

So now I have to put it up to my membership to continue with the move to Groups.io, or look elsewhere.

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