locked Re: Notice of Pricing Change


Hi all,

1)  First of all, THANK YOU, Mark and helpers, for doing this deluge of work, working to transfer a billion yahoo groups before yahoo groups effectively end.

We are very happy we transferred our groups last year, and have been very happy with groups.io's performance!
I recently posted on a number of yahoo groups, hey, heads up, you can move to groups.io!  and some of them are transferring.

2)  Re price increase -- I understand that the need to expand capacity suddenly, costs a lot of money -- It's just unfortunate that you did this as a one-day surprise. 

3)  For the future -- I own a GIO group with over 3k members, teaches about cat rescue, and most of the members are pretty low income.  When you'd announced that the premium would be $110/year, I was thinking, we could do that, we obviously want groups.io to continue and flourish -- currently it's free since we transferred before, but I was thinking maybe we could go to the pay-110-a-year version.  I'm pretty sure that if I asked members to pay, it would freak a bunch of them out, often they're dealing with very stressful situations and they're trying to find money for spay-neuter, etc., most often paying for it themselves -- so, it'd be us and a couple more-involved members, chipping in, I imagine. 

As well as cat rescue groups, there are many groups around human medical issues, often those groups are the only good source of information for people with rare conditions (I have several). 

But yep, thinking about that, you'll do after dealing with the deluge!  Thanks again!

p.s. to HELEN -- thank you so much for Tanya's Feline CKD!  we've sent a zillion people to you over the years, bought your book, etc., and your work has helped us with many CKD cats. 

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