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Sarah k Alawami

I don't either. My small business is operating at a los and has since I started it in 2010. It sucks, but it is the way it is when you are at least in my case in a small Mitch market. And by the way I bet he did not want to raise the prices. I hate doing the same to but even a dollar profit for me goes a long way.

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On 22 Oct 2019, at 10:26, J_Catlady wrote:

I agree with Chris as to what’s happening here. Mark is not out to rip anybody off. But I have to say: is there some law against his making a profit, whether big or small? He’s working his butt off and providing an invaluable service. I don’t have anything against the word “profit.”

On Oct 22, 2019, at 9:43 AM, Chris Jones via Groups.Io <chrisjones12@...> wrote:

On Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 05:29 PM, deborah75001 wrote:
and profit making
That is a large assumption. Better than operating at a significant loss and having the business fail.



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