locked Re: Notice of Pricing Change

Herb Gellis

Hi, I just signed up to look around. We have an 1800 member group not associated with any business that is currently in YahooGroups, looking to move so as not to lose our history and digest capability. As such, though "large" we have very small amounts of posting traffic. Obviously Yahoo had bigger bucks behind them and until now was hosting all for free. As a non-business association of people all around the world, having to pay for email-list services will be an issue for many (I know this is obvious) and of course you are under no obligation to deplete your own personal accounts to support the many. One of the sticking points is the IRS will consider groups that ask for money to support their email listserves, or get donations for same, to be a business. You can't just get money and legally ignore the IRS. We would have to go through the usual methods to declare us as an association in order to legally ask for donations, get dues, or similar. Worse to have to declare us as a non-profit - far more complicated paperwork and applications to state/federal entities. Without going into details, yes, there are other ways to get non-profit status by getting "adopted" by certain types of non-profit organizations, but anyway, you see that many of us will be in a technically legal bind if we have to ask for money in order to support our listserve. YahooGroups was a "godsend" in being totally free. oh well.

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