locked Re: Notice of Pricing Change


I fully understand the reasoning for the pricing plans, but I am concerned about how the per-member cost would work. Would people have to pay before they could join a group? How would it work with groups where you are only approved if you respond to a questionnaire, would you pay before or after?

Also, I run groups where people are being hit by sudden medical costs and even a small amount of money might be hard to find, plus it's another hoop to jump through when they are already distraught.

I'd also like to know about the admin side. Would groups.io be responsible for it all? I have a 5000 member group, and if somebody suddenly got locked out because they hadn't renewed their membership, in practice they would contact me, not groups.io. My job is to disseminate medical information, not administer a fees database.

Therefore, I would also like the option for the groupowner to pay for the group to continue (though even if it's as low as $1 a year per member, I could not afford it!).

Another option to consider might be for an individual to have a groups.io subscription, which allowed them to join as many groups as they wished.

HTH, and sorry you've got hit with all this, Mark, but thanks for stepping up to help yahoo!groups users.


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