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Hi Mark and everybody

I am Deborah from france and I am speaking for several groups for international adopted children and handicapped children in French language.

Of our groups, only AdoptionENSOLO (adopting a child as a single mother) has transfered already over a year ago, on behalf of my advise and translating all the English language information to them, and doing great on io groups since then.

Other groups were waiting and now are caught in the turmoil. 

On October 21st, I created mirror groups adoptionUKRAINE (adopting from Ukraine) and DYSPRAXIE -a group of parents helping each other with children who have developmental dyspraxia and learning disabilities. But I havent "bought" the package for 110 dollars yet because on each of these groups, we are having trouble collecting the 110 dollars !

and there are other groups of which I am not a moderator, who havent yet created a new group on io groups because I have just spend the last days getting in touch with their moderators,  explaining and translating to them the English explanations into French...

I have tried to explain to these groups that someone in the group would have to lend their credit card to be charged 110 dollars (they are already afraid of a transaction with a foreign currency...), and then try to collect the money from willing members of the group that could send them each 10 euros or so... not easy. Our groups do not have wealthy associations behind them and are just parents who have tried to self help through yahoo groups founded mostly in the early 2000... but have lost a lot of active members since yahoo has messed up with mail and forums so as of now they have only few active members and probably a lot of emails bouncing.

And now I have to tell them that the transfer is up to 220 dolllars and membership after that will be 220 dollars every year ?

This is a lost case.

We are about to lose everything thanks to Yahoo, and now all of a sudden while we were just about to make the move and get people to pay once for the transfer, we are told that this is a matter of 220 dollars every year... We feel trapped, to be honest.

And I understand the technicalities and need for more machines... Just changing the terms on a one day notice right when people are trying to save themselves from a sinking boat... This is a bit harsh.

I am trying to accept that we have lost our history, the history of our children, the files and databases of institutions where our handicaped children would be able to get helped over France, the files where we have stored the accommodations and therapies that work for them... HARD LOSS TO BE REALLY HONEST !

Deborah from PAris, France
groups adoptionUKRAINE and DYSPRAXIE et troubles des apprentissages.

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