locked Re: Notice of Pricing Change


On Mon, Oct 21, 2019 at 4:27 PM Drew <pubx1@...> wrote:

1) Will there be a Premium group discount for non-profits? (Currently I
believe there is only a non-profit discount for Enterprise groups.)

There are no changes for the non-profit discount.

2) Will grandfathered premium groups continue at $110/yr; or be changed
later to the new per-member cost?

Short answer is that I don't know because I haven't figured out that policy, and won't even be thinking about it until at least the new year. I mentioned that in the message because I wanted to give a heads up that it's something that I'll be thinking about. The current flat-rate pricing really isn't fair to smaller groups. We are having these massive 5k-10k member groups transfer over right now (or groups with 400k messages), and they're paying the same price - but using a lot more resources - than the 40-50 person groups. My top priorities with Groups.io are keeping the site up and making sure it has a sustainable business model (and also occasionally showing some cat pics). Each of those priorities are challenging in their own ways...


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