moderated Is this Forum the best place to get updates about the YahooGroups Apocalypse Migration?



I'm brand new here and just paid $110 to try to save my beloved warriorpoest archive on yahoogroups and wondering if this beta-Group forum is the best place to get a sense of the backlog of transfer orders and how long it may take to fill them, how is handling it all?

Also would like to be updated right away if Verizon is doing anything to interfere with the saving of people's data and how we can generate lots of pressure so they work with rather than against them? Historically their interference has been more about maintenance and repair negligence rather than obstruction.

I suspect this event that started a week ago is going to redefine in huge ways and there will be a giant revenue boost and upgrades in infrastructure to handle it all and I want to find a way... I mean really, really want to find a way get regular updates with how it's going? Everyday if possible?

Is this Beta Group Forum the best place to get all that info? Or is there a better for that?

Be well, Deane

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