moderated Re: Message edit menu missing picture and attach file option

Laurence Marks

I'm reopening this feature request in light of the mass migration beginning to take place from Yahoo. I am planning to port the group to

My Yahoo group, like many others, is heavily populated with attachments. Around 25% of the messages have attachments. One of the primary values of the group is its service as an archive for these attachments. New volunteers to area of disaster recovery read these attachments to learn about FEMA policies, state policies, and resources available to help disaster survivors.

Unfortunately, the migration from Yahoo includes messages, file, photos, and members, but does not include attachments. And it is likely that there is insufficient time to develop and test that feature before the Yahoo shutdown on December 14.

I have already downloaded the messages, files, and attachments so the data remains available. It's 0.21 GB in size, so size will not be an issue. If I had the ability to add attachments to the message, I could add the attachments at leisure once the port takes place.

As it is, I am faced with the more tedious task of loading each attachment to the file store, then editing each message to include a link to the associated file(s).

As I understand it, the decision was made to disallow moderator addition of attachments because it was felt that content was sacrosanct and shouldn't be tampered with. In this case, I amĀ restoring content to its original form. Inserting a link instead of an attachment would be distorting the form.

I believe I've made a good case for permitting moderators to add attachments, at least for a period after porting from Yahoo. I understand that it could be an easy change.

But as I think about it, I wonder whether the global decision was the right approach. I'm thinking that perhaps each group creator ought to be able to make that decision. Since our group's messages are a reference, an archive, and a resource, there's no need for long-term retention of short messages like "About time!", "I agree", or the inevitable personal message sent to the group by mistake. I prune these messages. Since I'm taking this liberty with content, restoring attachments seems like a small thing in comparison.

Is it too late to reopen this discussion?


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