moderated Re: Is there room for another link at the bottom of messages?


Hi Robin, 

This is how we add that feature on my groups:
   * Left Menu, Click on Settings.  That brings you to the General Settings page.

   * Scroll down to the 6th box marked Message Formatting
   * See the 1st box is 
Message Footer.  Type the communication here.  It will conveniently appear at the end of each emailed Message & Digest.
   * One last step.  Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of page.  Save your work by clicking the box Update Group.

Emojis & Hotlinks can also be used in the footer.  When someone clicks on that line, instantly a tab opens to that page on GIO website - files, messages, databases, photos, etc.     Here's how:  Type the footer out in an email draft.  Add the hotlink & emojis.  Copy the email text.  Paste it into the message footer box.  Below are two examples of the type of footers we use - one is dramatic, one is not. 

Hope this helps!  

Example 1.  
Click to view photos on group site: 

Example 2.  
[ The emojis may not show on this beta message board. So you know, this footer has attention getting emojis on either side of the type.]

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