moderated Re: re-requesting group setting: "who can invite members"


This is unclear on the concept. Plus, I’m not talking about how it’s implemented, time-honored or otherwise. I just want the setting. No, I can’t email it to them if I don’t know who they are. I’m talking about allowing non-mod members to invite other people to a restricted group. I am specifically trying to avoid the current scenario, where either (a) I as moderator have to send invites to everyone people want to invite, causing them to have to go through me, or (b) I have to make everyone a moderator do that they can do it themselves.

On Oct 19, 2019, at 2:59 PM, billsf9c via Groups.Io <OOWONBS@...> wrote:

The time honored way is to add footer with the email address and join URL, and say, Invite a friend. YOU can email this to them. If you are going to invite them, you know their email or text # and can pass it along. So, you and they already have a way to invite them. As a mod you really are doing almost that same thing.

For this, IO should make an extra real-estate using block for a member to put their pal's address into? I can't quite see it...



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