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Maybe you heard about the most recent yahoo debacle only a day ago, but many of us have been warning many yahoo groups (including cats groups) for months, and in some cases years, that yahoo was on the verge of this, and urging them to move. And instead of being thanked, we have been poo-poo'd and worse. That's been frustrating.  In the face of many yahoo groups' files suddenly disappearing even starting years ago, and messages taking many hours to post or not post at all, or just disappearing, many yahoo groups members and owners have respond to suggestions to move to with "everything is fine, what do you expect from a free service, don't tell us what to do" etc. Hence my feeling that groups who have dug their heels in and refused to move shouldn't be complaining now. They had many chances to move and they resisted.

Not sure whether this applies to your group or not, but surely your group has experienced all the negative events that all the rest of yahoo groups have over the past few years.

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