moderated Re: Yahoo Group transfer deadline

Margo Seegrist

Shal, I know Yahoo was sold and bought and sold again in the last year.  I also know that every time Microsoft does a Windows update, we lose the ability to see the photos in the albums in yahoogroups.

I know there is one person that was kept on when yahoogroups was sold the last time.  He's a manager now.  So he's "It" when it comes to maintaining the yahoogroups site.  I can always tell when he's on vacation or away from the office because the albums don't come up for some time.

For the last week or so we also had the white boxes for albums but Microsoft was kicking out updates like mad so he might have been waiting for all that to settle down.

I too am an optimist and see that the albums will show again in the not too distant future so we can download them and transfer them somewhere or at least get them on our computers.

Some of that info was told to me by my AOL tekkie (they are now both owned by the same company).



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