moderated GIO in the long term

Scott Logan

I am a member of one more Y!G that is considering moving to GIO. The owner is also considering Google Groups. This group has been around for nearly 20 years (almost as long as my own).


A valid concern has been brought up about the long-term viability of GIO, as expressed below.


Can anyone provide some insight? Maybe Mark can comment, especially as to the financial realities.


Thank you.





I share Diane's concern about the long-term viability of vs Google Groups (to the extent that anything has long-term viability these days). Usenet was around forever before becoming Google Groups, and has a large corporation supporting it. Then again, that same corporation abandoned its widely used Google+ social media service (and of course now we see Yahoo ... ). is an appealing site but I don't know what its financial support is, to assure it stays up if the owner loses interest or something. Is there a world-wide community of people committed to the indefinite operation of no matter what eventually happens to the site's founder(s) etc.? I'm wishing for something like how the Linux kernel's long term viability has been totally and firmly decoupled from the viability of Torvalds.

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