moderated Re: Yahoo Group transfer deadline



Also note that it appears that most Photos sections are already off-line and not transferrable.

The word "already" may be wrong there. The current outage in photos (for my groups anyway) started a few  weeks ago and I don't think is connected to the planned content deletion.

Except maybe that they're tired of fixing it.

There have been numerous prior outages in the photos section of Y!groups over the last few years, and usually they get around to fixing the problem, but not necessarily promptly. Nor necessarily comprehensively (some groups report their photos are back, while others still see them as blank squares).

What happens this time is anyone's guess I suppose, but I'd try not to imply that they won't come back. Maybe "... most Photos sections are currently having an outage and it isn't known if they'll be restored prior to the deadline."

(yeah, ever the optimist).

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