moderated Would love to have the ability to put albums within albums

Margo Seegrist

I'm a newbie owner of a site and don't know if this has already been discussed.  I am interested in the ability to have albums inside albums to make it cleaner for the site.  We are just moving over from yahoogroups and have presently 434 albums at that site.  You have to scroll forever to find the correct album whether you set it to date or set it to alphabetical.  I would like to have a clean photos tab that shows 2018 albums and under that specific subjects like Layouts, Mingles, Challenges, etc. and then under that the actual months of albums.  That way we won't have to scroll or go page by page through so many albums to find what we want since the title may not be what is on the photo.

Naturally I won't be copying all 434 albums over to but from this point forward we'll be creating future albums (13 each month) which will clog things up quickly unless we have the capability of having albums within albums.  (I have that on my computer now) - albums within albums.

Is there any way you can do this feature?

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