moderated Re: California Utilities' Planned Power Shutoffs today through Saturday to affect 6 to 8 hundred thousand people

Glenn Glazer

On 10/9/2019 13:21, Mark Fletcher wrote:
On Wed, Oct 9, 2019 at 1:05 PM Bob Bellizzi <cdfexec@...> wrote:

I know where you reside but not where your servers are.
Might they be affected by  the Planned Shutoffs which  can last up to 5 days?
Our home has Battery Backup Grid tie solar so hopefully we will generate enough  for basics.

Good question. The machines are in a datacenter in Fremont, Ca. Looking at the PG&E outage maps, it seems that parts of Fremont are scheduled to lose power. I don't know if that includes the datacenter. I would hope that we would have received notice if that was the case. In any event, I have a support ticket open to see if I can get verification that the datacenter will continue to have power. If I hear of any interruptions, I will let you know. Things seem to be quite fluid at the moment unfortunately.


Speaking as someone working for a company with a huge colo presence, if they don't have failover power, it's time to switch data centers. Or go to the cloud.



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