moderated Re: Should notifications be optional?



In the new system, should these checkboxes exist?
That depends.

That is, should the person adding the file/creating the event/starting
the chat/etc continue to have the option to not notify the group?

Let me unpack those two answers:

The checkbox currently says "Notify Members" members, but what it really means is "Message the group" - it creates a message that posts to the group's Messages/Topics and is sent to members per their Subscription Email options.

The new notices are different beasts. They don't become part of the group's Messages/Topics and are sent to members (or not) per the member's subscription Notifications options. Unlike messages, which ordinary members likely receive by email, I expect that only a few advanced members will enable email notifications, most will stick with the default "Web/App only.

So I would say if the checkbox remains then it continues to do what it does now, and checked or not should not affect the generation of an item in the notification system.

My inclination would be to remove the checkbox and thereby remove the "message the group" function they currently perform.


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