moderated Re: Should notifications be optional?


To  Mark, 
       re: In the new system, should these checkboxes exist? .......  should it be extended to all new notifications?
Yes, Yes!  Please keep checkboxes for optional notifications.  At least for mods & owners.
       At times we change a file or other because of a typo or other small tweak.  It may take a few tries to get it right.  Group members would not appreciate the emails they would receive as a result of that. 

 ... Facebook? is better, that is why my groups are here.

I appreciate you provide a place like this group to give feedback.  Thank you for the effort & care you put into this website.
Mark wrote:
Right now, some existing notifications are optional. When adding a file, for example, you have a checkbox to notify the group. Same with creating a calendar event, a new chat, etc.
In the new system, should these checkboxes exist? That is, should the person adding the file/creating the event/starting the chat/etc continue to have the option to not notify the group? And if they should continue to have that option, should it be extended to all new notifications?
I don't believe that Facebook lets you opt-out of sending notifications

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