moderated Re: Should notifications be optional?

Donald Hellen

Duane . . .

On Tue, 01 Oct 2019 11:21:26 -0700, "Duane" <>

I believe they should exist (for all items) if turning them off isn't going to be a group setting, with a default of off. I'd also like to see it set so that someone can't send multiple notifications (of the same type?) within a short time if they can't be turned off.
I like this idea, not sending multiple notifications within a short
period of time. We won't all agree on the time frame, but if the check
box only appears after that time x minutes frame is over, we can
simply uncheck it again and we'll be good for another x minutes. This
might be useful when building a set of files, etc., in the files
section after the group is up and running.

Chances are by the time the members see the first notice, the files
will already all be uploaded in many cases. And, we would have the
option of unchecking the notification box, uploading the files, then
making a personal announcement about them only after we're finished.

Another alternative to this might be something in our personal
settings for the group. We could toggle it off to do multiple uploads
then toggle it back on either for the last one we do or leave it off
and just manually notify the members of uploads.



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