moderated Re: #wishlist Ability to Hide Topics/Posts #suggestion

Bruce Bowman

On Thu, Sep 26, 2019 at 08:01 PM, Bruce Bowman wrote:
Question: How does one find a hidden topic (or message) in order to unhide it later?
That was brain fart on my part...Shal already suggested the eyeball-slash character as a label.

I still like the idea, but I guess I'm confusing myself with the use cases. This proposal is being pitched as the same as moderating or locking a topic, but it's not:
-- We're talking about being able to hide individual messages, which introduces a whole new level of granularity, and
-- The hidden material must remain visible to somebody, or we'll never be able to unhide it.

So who gets to see the hidden material? We already mentioned Owners and Moderators with the "edit archives" privilege, but do we include the subscriber who posted it, too? Is that person still allowed to delete or edit the message? Or is this yet another thing that needs to be set at the time of hiding?

Assuming we don't let the original post-er see it, then he won't be able to delete/edit it. But it seems to me that he at least needs to receive some kind of notification that his post has been hidden. Otherwise we're going to get a lot of inquiries to support/GMF to the effect that people's messages are disappearing.

Same goes for topics. Does a notification go to everyone who contributed to that topic? Or are we willing to just let topics mysteriously disappear without explanation?

These are some of the things I'm struggling with, and I don't think I've exhausted all the permutations yet.


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