moderated Re: Messages to +owner being wrongly routed to the whole group

Dave Wade


The trouble is when it goes wrong, the effect can be somewhat devastating. When it happened on one of the lists I am on some very personal information about an individual that should not have been sent to the list was disclosed to the whole list....


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I'm wary (used it right this time Shal!) of changing this, ...
Indeed. ;-)

I too do not favor changing it.

Or even aliasing it. I thought of that but realized it wouldn't solve the problem -
the people who need to use the alias wouldn't know about it. That way lies only
more confusion.

> If I had to do it over, I'd probably special case this to handle it, > but it seems
to only confuse people a few times a year.

I'm not sure what you're thinking, but I thought perhaps you could notice when
receiving a message:

IF (message delivered to by AND
(Received chain includes THEN
Do something different.

The question is what to do. I initially thought you could look to the header To
and/or Cc fields to determine if there was a command and what it was, but I
think some of the messages I looked at had neither.
Probably cases of Bcc, but I'm not sure about that.

So the only two actions I can think of would be to either force the message to
Pending, and let the mods deal with it, or reject the message, with a message
text saying that btinternet users must post via the web interface, not via SMTP
client applications.

But either of those are pretty onerous for the 99.9% use case of a simple
message posting. So maybe accept the message for posting if there is a To or
CC that includes the group posting address without command.


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