moderated Re: Messages to +owner being wrongly routed to the whole group

Dave Sergeant

Um, the idea of btinternet users only posting via the web interface is
surely a non starter. I have no statistics but I sense on the groups I
moderate that probably 80% of users, including a LOT of btinternet
users, only use email and most have never been anywhere near the web

It all comes down to the decision by Mark to use + as the only
distinguisher of an owners message was a poor one.


On 25 Sep 2019 at 18:38, Shal Farley wrote:

So the only two actions I can think of would be to either force the
message to Pending, and let the mods deal with it, or reject the
message, with a message text saying that btinternet users must post via
the web interface, not via SMTP client applications.

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