moderated change verbiage on log entry for forbidden new tag


I just found the following log entry in the group activity log and had no idea what it meant:

"[xyz member] sent message "[message subject]" with a new tag, has been asked to update subject via email"

This is incomprehensible! I emailed the member to find out what happened, but in the meantime, I figured out that what this entry is actually trying to say is (1) the member sent a message via email, (2) the message subject had a new hashtag, and (3), because members are not allowed create new hashtags in our group, the member was therefore asked to change the message subject. However, I thought, upon reading the entry, that the member was "asked to (update the subject via email)." Etc. The log entry does not parse correctly by any conceivable means.

Can this entry be changed to read something like
"[xyz member] sent message [message subject] via email, has been asked to remove the new tag and resend"

(or other, possibly better, suggestions)?

I literally could not parse the entry for about 10 minutes.

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