locked Re: Successful groups and moderators


It really depends upon the type of group; but, I am a member of an MS group still on Yahoo and it seems to be quite successful.  But, no matter how much the owner or moderator writes and poses questions or anything he or she might do, a successful group really depends upon the members.  I started a small group on Groups.io.  There have been a few people who have joined and I have asked questions and tried to get conversations going; but, so far, my group seems to be one made up of lurkers. 

I do not think group owners/moderators should be invisible; but, they should respect the other members and not try to instill their believes upon members.  If the members in my group would be willing to post messages, ask questions, etc. the group would be our group and not just mine.  There again, it comes to the members.  Why join a group, if you do not want to participate even a little bit?  At the same time, as owner, I get tired of being primarily the only one to send messages or ask questions. 

It wouldn't really matter if the group has 5 members or 50 members, if I'm the only one participating, how can I make it a successful group?


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