moderated Re: Feature Request: Referring new people to



Every time I tried to go to a general page, I was reverted to my own list of groups. ... I needed a link that would give them a description and list of features.

It may have seemed confusing to you, but the general URL ( shows the introductory page you want to someone not logged in:


So the key to seeing what you're sending is to log out, or use a second browser which isn't logged in

I think this is a major problem in the area of referring people who are likely to start new groups.

It isn't a problem for the people receiving the referral (who after all, are not likely to be logged in yet), but I can see where it is a confusion for those trying to give a referral.

Perhaps there should be another URL for that page (an alias, /intro maybe?) which displays the same whether logged in or not. It could even have its own button on the left just like the others (/feed, /groups, /topics, etc.). But I don't think it needs to be remembered as the default home page for the user, unlike the others.


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