moderated Feature Request: Referring new people to

Sharon Villines

This morning, I tried to respond to a request for the best email discussion group provider with the address of It lead to much frustration. Every time I tried to go to a general page, I was reverted to my own list of groups. Even with a Google search the only page I could access was my own list of groups. I needed a link that would give them a description and list of features. This was a referral to a list of several hundred people each of whom probably has connections to at least three other Yahoo or Google groups.

Somehow I finally found the features page, but it took work.

Clicking on the logo on my list of groups would normally go to a home page with links to a home page. But the logo is also a link that returns me to my list of groups.

I think this is a major problem in the area of referring people who are likely to start new groups.

Sharon Villines
"Neighbors Talking to Neighbors”
Takoma Park DC and MD

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