moderated Re: Allow Group Users to Donate towards the premium upgrade directly to #suggestion

Scott Logan

In my group, a lot of users are willing to pay for the Premium upgrade.
So far, I paid for the year, several others have offered to participate
but I don't want to start collecting money from people and having to
manage an account for paying up the upgrade.

If users could donate directly towards the upgrade to we would
probably have several years of upgrade paid up already.
As Gerald mentioned, this is available, but (understandably) charges a small fee to cover their credit card processing cost (and you have to have a stripe account).

When I recently moved a large group over from YG, I simply paid for the upgraded plan myself. After a bit, and having a couple of members mention it, I suggested that while not necessary, anyone who felt the need, could send me a donation via PayPal or mail a check. A little hassle but I did have a couple who did so. As long as the PayPal transfer is specified as sending to a friend, there is no charge.


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