moderated Re: Notifications overall: Messages



There will be notifications for all aspects of the site. So some
additional notification preference categories will be Photos, Files,
Wiki, Database, etc. This is very much like Facebook, where you can go
into your notification settings page, and for each category, you can
toggle 'Push', 'Email', 'SMS' as well as an overall toggle to turn
on/off notifications for the entire category.
Actually, many category seem to be set up somewhat differently. Comments, for example, has no overall toggle. Tags has an overall toggle which is actually three radio buttons, with Off not being one of the choices.

At the bottom there's a section for "How You Get Notifications", and for example within the Email "category" there is a list recapitulating of all of the "What Notifications You Receive" categories, with an on/off toggle for each. That confused me at first but as it turns out that's just the same list of controls, grouped by how instead of by what. So that's actually cool.

This approach implies to me that you envision that the setting for a given category controls notifications for that category across all of one's subscriptions.

As I mentioned before, I think that will be a problem for categories that already have their own control mechanism, such as Messages. Even for categories where notifications don't currently exist (web activities) I think I'm likely to want per-group control of whether I receive an email notification about it. Just because I'm more interested in the doings of some groups than others.

I am all for having a completely configurable notification system, but
what I think is critical is to have a sane set of defaults, so that
the majority of people never feel the need to go mucking about in it.
Maybe "Web/App and Email" for any categories that already exist, to grandfather the user's current selections, and "Web/App only" for any new ones, so as not to suddenly create unexpected emails when a new category is created.


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