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Michael Pavan


On Sep 9, 2019, at 1:35 PM, Mark Fletcher <> wrote:

There will be notifications for all aspects of the site. So some additional notification preference categories will be Photos, Files, Wiki, Database, etc. This is very much like Facebook, where you can go into your notification settings page, and for each category, you can toggle 'Push', 'Email', 'SMS' as well as an overall toggle to turn on/off notifications for the entire category.
On/off for each and every notification type (including items such as "Upcoming Event" subject prefixes, 'start and/or stop times' subject suffixes, and hashtags) will make work better for everyone by not restricting or forcing any choices.

Actually, for any Facebook users, I'd appreciate it if you checked out their notification settings, at, to get an idea of how they do it.
Single toggles (on/off) each for 'all Push', 'all Email', and 'all SMS' notifications are missing in Facebook, please include them in - it would make turning off (or on) all 'Push', 'Email', and/or 'SMS' easier.

The idea is to be able to be notified about any activity in any group you're a member of. Right now, you don't know when someone creates a new wiki page, unless they tell you, for example. You should have the option of being notified of that.

I am all for having a completely configurable notification system,
but what I think is critical is to have a sane set of defaults, so that the majority of people never feel the need to go mucking about in it.
Please allow Owner (and Moderators with appropriate permissions) to set the 'set of defaults' for the members of all and/or each of their groups - not just for new groups and future members, BUT have a grace period (30 days?) after you institute this Notification System reform for existing groups. This will start each groups' members with the set of sane defaults Owners believe is desirable in all and/or each of their groups, and should minimize the amount of assistance their members will need to modify their personal settings.


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