moderated Re: Notifications overhaul proposal

Glenn Glazer

On 9/5/2019 21:21, Mark Fletcher wrote:
In the header of the website is a new bell icon with an unread count. Clicking that takes you to a new notification center. This is very much how Facebook and other sites currently work. You can view your notifications in this page. The unread count is the number of notifications in your notification center that you have not yet read.

On the implementation side, I strongly recommend keeping this counter server-side. One of the failures of Facebook is that I read it on my desktop, phone and tablet and since the counts are kept locally, they tend to get wildly out of sink with each other, particularly on device wake up and particularly on my tablet which I use less frequently than the others.  Having this server-side means one source of truth, nothing to get out of sink barring tiny windows and race conditions.



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