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- Automated emails to moderators about pending subscriptions/messages
- Automated emails to groups announcing new events (#cal-invite
This will require a bit of tweaking of my personal (almost) consistent terminology.

I had reserved the words "notice" and "notification" for messages sent to one person or a targeted subset of people. While "message" was something sent to the group, to appear in the group's Messages. So the former would be "notices" but the latter would be "messages". Mechanistically, messages are subject to a member's Email Delivery and Message Selection subscription options, notices aren't (but may have other controls).

There are already some oddball cases. The Group Guidelines is part of the Member Notices mechanism, but if "Send monthly to group" is checked that behaves like a message. Also Special Notices, which behave as messages but which are exempt from some of the message controls.

The dropdown would be 'Email only', 'Web/App Only', 'Email and
This seems to lack a 'None' choice. Is that deliberate?

It defaults to 'Email only' for all existing users.
Why not 'Email and Web/App'?

I'm imagining that when this rolls out an existing user will see the new bell icon, click it out of curiosity, and see [empty list]. Meh. Whereas if the default is both then they see [populated list] and now they know what it can do for them. That seems like improved discoverability.

The presentation would likely need a quick way to mark all older notices as read, and a convenient link to the controls in the Notifications page. Maybe each notice in the list needs an affordance (... menu, context (right-click) menu or something like that) to change the setting for notices of that type without having to navigate to the Notifications page.

If this is set to 'Web/App Only', you do not receive this in email.
So that would be effectively (or perhaps literally) the same as muting the #cal-invite hashtag? It might be best if that is actually linked so that unmuting the hashtag has the correct effect even if the message had been suppressed through the notification controls. In other words, I would rather not have to tell people to check both places if they're not getting the invitations.

There are other scenarios that we will discuss, but this is core of
the proposal.
I can hardly wait!


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