moderated Notifications overhaul proposal


Hi All,

As part of the app development process, I need to decide how notifications are going to be handled. I mentioned this in the previous thread about unread message counts. I have a more fully fleshed out idea now. Please let me know your thoughts.


Examples of things that are currently notifications:
- Automated emails to moderators about pending subscriptions/messages
- Automated emails to groups announcing new events (#cal-invite messages)
- Automated emails to groups announcing new chats.

This proposal would result in no changes to how notifications are currently delivered, unless you specifically make changes to your account.

Once we establish how notifications will be handled, it'll be easier for me to add new/long awaited notifications.

Why this is needed:

Primarily, because with the app we want to be able to take advantage of push notifications, and provide flexibility for how people get notified in Also, there is a certain standard/expectation for how notifications work these days, including the use of a notifications center page. It would be good to embrace these concepts where we can.


In the header of the website is a new bell icon with an unread count. Clicking that takes you to a new notification center. This is very much how Facebook and other sites currently work. You can view your notifications in this page. The unread count is the number of notifications in your notification center that you have not yet read.

In your Account, there is a new 'Notifications' page that controls if/how you receive notifications for all of your groups. It will have a series of drop down menus for setting how your notifications are delivered. For this proposal, let's just focus on 'Events' and how it would effect one specific notification, #cal-invite emails. The dropdown would be 'Email only', 'Web/App Only', 'Email and Web/App'. It defaults to 'Email only' for all existing users. The default for new users is TBD. The first time you use the app, there will be some mechanism to automatically change your notifications, if you wish, to an option that includes app notifications.

If this is set to 'Email only', nothing is different to how it currently works. The #cal-invite message is sent to the group, and you receive it based on your subscription settings. No notification appears in your notification center.

If this is set to 'Web/App Only', you do not receive this in email. It becomes a notification that appears in your notification center. If you have granted your app permission, it will buzz your phone.

If this is set to 'Email and Web/App', you receive both the notification as well as the #cal-invite email as sent through the group as controlled by your subscription settings.

In all three cases, the #cal-invite email is still sent to the group. It's just a question of whether you receive that message via email or via notification Regardless of your setting, you will receive replies to the #cal-invite email as you do now, via your subscription settings.

There are other scenarios that we will discuss, but this is core of the proposal.


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