locked Re: Successful groups and moderators


1) What characteristics do you think make a successful group?
That's tough because groups can be so very different and all may be good for those that use them. I think the top criteria is activity. Do people post freely and often? IS there some good discussion? Do members feel free to post and know who they're reading? (I should explain, we had problems with anonymous trolls for a while and put a stop to it by requiring full names on posts or clearly in email addresses.) Is there respect between members and no bullying?

Another thing that's important is whether the members can easily find different subjects in the Messages or find file or images easily. Much of this last is dependent on the owner's or moderators' organizational abilities and the ability to move files, photos and attachments around as needed.

2) What characteristics do you think make a good moderator?
The best owners and moderators are the ones that are least noticed. They can encourage and participate in discussions, but very seldom does the group see the "Moderator" hat or (heaven forbid!) the "Owner" hat. Moderators can find and append user's names and delete things like members' phone numbers from moderated messages. Any discussion about inappropriate behavior happens off-list and it would be nice if the other moderators and owner could just be BCCd to avoid embarrassing the member, even privately.


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