locked Re: suggestion - Consistency (ies)

Glenn Glazer

On 9/5/2019 07:45, J_Catlady wrote:
Not to jump into this black hole of a conversation, but let me point out on Dave's behalf that muting doesn't do any good if the person wants to read posts that are staying on-topic to the thread and just doesn't want to receive emails containing irrelevant limericks and the like. :-)

I simply object, as member of the group, to some other member of the group who is not a member of the group attempting to police the conversation of the group and especially the overt "take my balls and go home" threat of leaving if they don't get their way.

Also, as I mentioned in my original note, filtering solves the email problem. I almost never read group messages via the website and if there was something I didn't see more of, I'd filter. I read my gmail using Thunderbird and could easily set up a filter that translates to "subject contains Consistency and body contains limerick" or some such.



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