locked Re: suggestion - Consistency (ies)

Glenn Glazer

One of the great things about groups.io is that it has many advanced features above and beyond a mailing list.

So, instead of being petulant, if a thread bothers you, you could mute it:


And even without that, if you read by email, it is pretty easy in almost all mail interfaces to filter out a topic.



On 9/5/2019 01:15, Dave Sergeant wrote:
I am deleting more and more posts on this list as being of no interest 
to me. Recent posts like this surely have nothing to do with 'improving 
groups.io' and I suggest we put a halt to them otherwise I will have to 


On 5 Sep 2019 at 9:04, Noel Leaver via Groups.Io wrote:

I remember a long time ago reading this 'Ode to Virtual Memory':


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